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SHAKAS TECHNOLOGIES is a professionally managed service organization, engaged in the provision of Training, IT Consulting & Human Resource services to industry and commerce. We aspire to be the preferred choice among technology services, consulting and training solutions for the enterprise marketplace. We will achieve this by focusing on creating significant value for our customers and by building enduring relationship with them.

We make moves that keep the customer competition always ahead of their competitors.
IEEE final year project types for 2022-2023
Three types of IEEE projects are typically developed by fourth-year students.
1. Application project by IEEE
2. IEEE Algorithms Project
3.IEEE Research Project

Top education
We will train you in various fields so that you can gain practical experience and play an active role in the company.

24/7 Service:
We are available 24/7 for in-house training, internships and project questions, concerns and support.

  • Certified Company

    Assurance yet bed was improving furniture man. Distrusts delighted she listening.

  • Award Ceremony

    Assurance yet bed was improving furniture man. Distrusts delighted she listening.

why choose us

world class IT Solutions to you and to help enhance your organization to perform better.

We are software development and IT outsourcing company with experience professionals ready and commited to provide you IT to turn your Concept into Reality.

Our Mission is to provide great business values and optimized solutions needed by our clients to finally improve our stakeholders quality of life. Yet, we have vision to be the number one player in Indian IT industry.

Our values determine how we work with our clients and how our staff work. It helps us to work together in an effective manner.

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Excellent Training

We provide you excellent training on various fields that enables you to have hands on experience on you getting placed.


A very transparent and efficient approach to the delivery of our projects have made us to be referred by many.

Assured Placements

Our training programmmes will let you fetch a good career opportunity in the appropriate fields and makes you unique from the outside world.


We are available to help you 24/7 on all queries and assistance on IPT, Internship and projects for your convenience.

Best Project Center In Vellore

4 factors that make Shakas Technologies a hotspot for your project development.

Best Unique Project Center In Vellore

A smart project development strategy that has been used over the years to analyse, develop and design projects in Vellore. We are the best project center in Vellore Our implementation strategy that exceeds competition by miles.

Very Flexible project center

The time starving world is well understood by our experts offering a very convenient schedules. The project center course is set to be made as dynamic as possible to cope up with changing phases in Shakas Technologies.

Fully support for final year

Either it be the architecture of the project or the language which the project is based on or the documentation which bugs you our engineering team takes the responsibility to sort out the issues at the earliest.

Advanced Tech Projects Courses

The latest and the best in the field is always deployed to design the best IEEE projects our dedicated engineering team is always updated with the latest tools to deliver effective projects in Shakas Technologies.

  • PLAN

    After a careful analysis of the project requirement the phase of the product has to be planned . The abstract idea of customers have to carefully studied to convert the…Read More


    During the Design Phase, the system is designed to satisfy the requirements identified in the previous phases. The requirements identified in the Requirements Analysis Phase are transformed into a System…Read More


    After having the user acceptance of the new system developed, the implementation phase begins. Implementation is the stage of a project during which theory is turned into practice. The major…Read More


    The system design needs to be implemented to make it a workable system. his demands the coding of design into computer language, i.e., programming language. This is also called the…Read More

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